The Modern Stoic Approach #1: What Others Think of You

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I fancy myself somewhat of a modern day stoic. Stoicism has been around for ages and it is a take on life that makes life a whole lot less miserable. One of the main principles of stoicism is that you don’t care about anything that’s going onContinue reading “The Modern Stoic Approach #1: What Others Think of You”

Monday Musings, Week 2, 2022

Hello there lovely people! That first week of January and last week of my holiday flew by even when we’re still on “lockdown” here! That’s because last week we launched this new blog: The Green Dream and of course I also just relaxed for a bit. I spent some time playing videogames (what a surprise)Continue reading “Monday Musings, Week 2, 2022”

Monday Musings, Week 1, 2022

Happy new year everyone! It’s the first Monday of the year and I still have a week off from my office job. Too bad that we’re still on lockdown, which drastically reduces our options to do some of the things we love to do, like thrift shopping and going to museums. But we’re making theContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 1, 2022”