Width: 8 cm
Height: 5.6 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

Weight: 163 grams

Please note… a gemstone is not a substitute for medical expertise.

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Width: 9.5 cm
Height: 3.3 cm
Depth: 4.7 cm

Weight: 163 grams

Amethyst is a protective, purifying, relaxing stone. It brings harmony and inner peace. Clears your mind and provides insight into your own behavior and the choices you make. This helps to recognize bad habits and addictions and to leave them behind. Provides good insight into emotional matters and can help give experiences a place, helping you to process emotional pain to the next stage. Amethyst creates a field of light energy around it which can cleanse and protect your aura and – if the stone is large enough – a space. It can open the crown and the third eye making the stone suitable for people who want to start developing their intuition and their spiritual skills. Amethyst helps to connect with higher energies and guides and is a good stone to support meditation. Physically, amethyst has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system, bruises, headaches and migraines and sleeping problems (such as nightmares).

Please note, keep amethyst out of direct sunlight, as it can discolour under the influence of bright sunlight.

Please note… a gemstone is not a substitute for medical expertise.


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