Monday Musings, Week 22, 2022

May is nearly done and I just had a lovely long weekend, full of relaxation and quality time with friends. I had Thursday and Friday to myself, which ended up being two relaxing days spent playing videogames, watching some series and a movie. Saturday was all about quality time with friends and yesterday just takingContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 22, 2022”

Why It Matters To Set Your Own Social Limits

March, 2020, it was the start of the Corona Pandemic here in the Netherlands. A week prior to the lockdown measures were in place I was already home with a burn-out. Years of built up stress and always giving in to social pressure from people got me in this position. It was one of theContinue reading “Why It Matters To Set Your Own Social Limits”

What It’s Like Living With A Witch

Hello everyone, Jeffrey here! Today I’d like to share some of my experience of living with an actual, green witch with you! As most of you know, Bren is a traditional green witch and we have been living together for over three years now.  We hear a lot of questions of people who are curiousContinue reading “What It’s Like Living With A Witch”

Monday Musings, Week 18, 2022

It’s May! That means we’re already one third of the way through this year and I can’t remember the last time I was so positive about life, where I currently am and what’s next for Bren and me. Her shop is starting to get noticed and it’s so awesome to see it slowly becoming theContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 18, 2022”

Monday Musings, Week 17, 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Monday Musings! Last week I skipped this recurring blog, because I didn’t have that much to report and it turned out to be a bit of a slow week when it came to my creative endeavours. To be fair, I haven’t written a lot lately (except for blogs), because IContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 17, 2022”

How I Deal With Fear Of Missing Out, Part 2

Last week I told you about how I deal with Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO for short. In that blog entry I focussed on the part of FOMO that has everything to do with the sheer amount of options we have to spend our free time with all kinds of different media. What IContinue reading “How I Deal With Fear Of Missing Out, Part 2”

Monday Musings, Week 15, 2022

Hello everyone! It’s a brand new week, full of new possibilities! I was so glad that after a week of mostly rain we’re finally seeing that spring sunshine return. Hopefully it will remain like this, so we can enjoy some walks in our beautiful forests and heath land this week. On Writing Last week aContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 15, 2022”

How I Deal With Fear Of Missing Out

Fear of missing out, or FOMO as some people refer to it, can be a real pain in the arse. How often have you not heard friends, family or colleagues tell you about this latest show on Netflix, movie, book, or videogame that you absolutely have to check? I’ve had my fair share of theseContinue reading “How I Deal With Fear Of Missing Out”

Monday Musings, Week 14, 2022

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I’m just fine after a weekend that didn’t exactly go as planned, but I’m glad I could be there for people who needed me. Sometimes life just happens, including the not so fun stuff and all you can do then is just be the best friend, or partner,Continue reading “Monday Musings, Week 14, 2022”

Monday Musings, Week 12, 2022

Blessed Ostara everyone! Today we’re celebrating the Spring Equinox and welcoming spring into our lives. Yesterday Bren and I did a short ritual where we planted seeds and put our intentions for our own personal growth into them when we planted them. I’m really hoping to grow as a writer this year, but I alsoContinue reading “Monday Musings, Week 12, 2022”